How to Score Free Flights

Scoring a free flight can be as simple as being at the right place at
the right time and letting yourself get bumped. Or there is the credit
card reward route. Michele Lerner at Bank Rate offers some strategies.

Tips on How to Get Bumped

  • Be flexible.
  • Right when you arrive at the ticket counter, volunteer to be
    bumped if the plane is overbooked.
  • Keep a set of clothes and necessities in your carry-on, so if you
    do get bumped you are prepared if you can’t get your luggage back
    right away.
  • Stay nice and personable, so you can get chosen over other volunteers.
  • Research flights that are likely to be full by checking the
    seating maps online.

More Ways to Earn Free Flights

File a Complaint. If your luggage gets damaged or lost, or if
anything else bad happens during a flight you should write a letter
including in it all of the details of the flight such as flight number
and time. Politely address the issue and state what you wish as
compensation or reimbursement.

Get a Miles Credit Card. An airline-branded credit card is
going to come with a signing bonus, sometimes to the tune of a free
flight right up front. Others might additionally offer free or heavily
discounted companion flights.

Shop Around. Sign up for airline newsletters to get access to
members only deals. Vacation hotspots might also offer free flights
when you buy a package at their resort.

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