How to Save Money on Technology

Buying electronic devices can put a strain on your wallet if you’re not careful. Like any aspect of frugal living, saving money on technology can require some patience. Here are a few of the ideas offered over at Coupon Shoebox for saving on technology.

  • Wait for Version Two: you’ll get more bang for your buck just by waiting for the newest version to come out. For example, the iPhone 3G is probably a lot cheaper now that the iPhone 4 has just come out.
  • Avoid Add-Ons: avoid getting all of your accessories and add-ons at the same time at the same retailer. Search around online for deals on technology accessories. Try out for finding accessories for less.
  • Know When to Buy: know when tech items are likely to go on sale. Many tech related items are seasonally discounted in April. You can also brave Black Friday or shop early on in the holiday season.

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