How Can You Repurpose/Reuse Old Bed Sheets?

Your responses last week were extremely helpful and greatly appreciated, especially this week as I prepare for my big move! You all came up with some great time/money/stress savers that will hopefully make for a more successful move for me and many others out there. Amidst all of the amazing tips, I found an intriguing idea that should save a lot of time when moving boxes in and unpacking them. Bjacobs shared the idea that you should color-code all of your rooms (and physically stick colored post-its or something similar to the doors in your new place) and then label boxes with colored post-its based on which room they belong in. That way, you’re not looking for writing on a box and helpers can easily place items in appropriate rooms. Congratulations to Bjacobs and thanks again to everyone for your help. I can’t thank you all enough!

Now, onto this week’s question!

Whether you’ve upgraded to a bigger bed and ditched the old one or you’ve got a rip or stain on a sheet that renders it unusable on the bed: What do you do with sheets that you’re not sleeping on anymore? We’d love to hear your best and most creative repurposing ideas. The winner of the best answer to this week’s question will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Here here for contest details. Best of luck and thanks for being a Tip Hero!