Watch How This Kid Uses His Hoverboard in the Snow

We don’t have to tell you that winter has generally more cons than pros. Every season has its good and bad elements, but winter kind of trumps every other time of year BECAUSE of the elements. The bitter cold, your perpetually chapped lips, gaining a coat of winter fat, and of course, the back-breaking labor that is shoveling snow.

Some areas of the world will never understand the simultaneous joy and terror that a snow storm brings. On the one hand, snow is beautiful and fun to play in! Also, the potential for a snow day or working from home is always a plus.

But once all those exciting things fade away, you’re left with piles of freezing snow and ice that you have to clean up. And, spoiler alert, lugging 50 lbs. of snow around your yard is tedious and painful.

We’ve seen some pretty creative fixes to avoid the worst parts of this chore, like this giant snowball hack, but never have we seen one so perfect for the millennium as this hilarious trick.

Someone riding a red hoverboard.CNET
In the last few years, we’ve all seen the awesome and often dangerous shenanigans of hoverboards that have gone viral on the internet. Odds are you’ve even seen them zipping around your local mall or neighborhood.

Admittedly, they’re really cool but also simultaneously obnoxious.

If you truly haven’t seen this gadget around, picture a segway without handles. The rider puts his or her feet on top of the wheels and then uses the strength of their body to propel them forward seamlessly. They don’t exactly hover themselves, which was misleading to everyone when they were released in 2015, but the rider hovers in a way.

But as annoying as they can be when used by the wrong person, this kid has probably discovered the best use for a hoverboard that we’ve ever seen!

Boy uses hoverboard to shovel driveway.Steve Scherer
This kid has decided to use his hovering capabilities to make shoveling less of a chore. Bracing the shovel in front of him, this kid rides his hoverboard in straight lines up and down his snowy driveway. As he jets along, the snow gets pushed along, too. Then, at the end of the line, he pushes the snow off to the side and goes backwards up another line.

It’s brilliant way to get your chores completed, we have to hand it to him. We now wish we had asked for a hoverboard for Christmas.

The little boy quickly gets his driveway clear without exerting very much effort at all. Now he has the rest of the morning and afternoon to properly enjoy his snow day! And he and his family can easily get in and out of the driveway.

We bet his parents love this little hoverboard trick as much as he does! His chore just got a lot easier and their driveway gets cleared a whole lot quicker. (Plus, there’s probably a little less resistance to actually get out and shovel with this trick.)

What do you think of this new way to use a hoverboard for the wintertime? Will you use your hoverboard (if you have one, of course) to try this shoveling trick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.