Quick and Easy Hacks for Your Holiday Trips

Holiday travel season is one of the busiest times of the year. The airports and roads are crowded. You always feel like you’re forgetting something. Things get lost, delayed, or canceled. And those are the fun parts!

Over the years you may have come up with a few of your own ways to make traveling a bit easier. You keep it cool. Some of you may just grin and suck it up, accepting that mishaps and unhappiness are part of the deal. Then there’s another camp that hates holiday travel but knows it must be done. You carefully choose which reaction you’ll give to the TSA: the smile, the cringe, or internal yell.

But it’s always good to have a few tricks in your back pocket that will keep you and your loved ones sane, safe, and possibly entertained. Peep a couple of these holiday travel hacks brought to you by Household Hacker, and watch the video below for more.

Pack a Bag in Your Bag

There is countless advice out there about rolling up your clothes so they fit into small spaces, and your suitcase is one of those places where it works like a charm. This packing hack takes it a step further by rolling your garments and storing them in large zip-top bags before putting them in a suitcase.

Image of clothes being rolled.HouseholdHacker
You can keep outfits together by dividing them up by day of the week, placing each one in a separate zipper bag. This is especially great for kids! Roll underwear, socks, or any other clothing item and place them in the bags, and then reuse the bags for dirty clothes. Stack your rolled and bagged clothes in your suitcase and enjoy using the extra space for something else.

Preserve Battery Life

Your phone and other electronic device need nourishment from their batteries. But if the battery’s not getting fed, you have to ration its life force instead of draining it. You with me? Besides powering off during travel, you can do a few other things to save power.

One trick is to turn off all notifications during travel time. You won’t suffer during your flight or ride from point A to point B, and Facebook will survive a few hours without you. And you really don’t need to be notified of the bonus coins earned on that game your 6-year-old loves.

Image of cell phone.HouseholdHacker
Household Hacker advises turning your phone (or other device) on airplane mode, preventing it from searching for a signal. This will also disable other functions automatically. Also, shifting from a bright screen to a dim one will save energy. Take the lighting down, as if you’re cozying up on movie night. Your battery life will be able to stretch out while your device turns the lights down.

For other holiday travel tips, watch the video and keep in mind these are great for traveling any time of the year! What travel rituals do you do to make your trip bearable? Is traveling this time of year fun for you and your loved ones? Share in the comments!