Watch This Great Dane React to Meeting Her Owner’s New Puppy

All of you dog owners out there know that introducing new pets to a household can be a bit dicey, to say the least. After all, some of these pack animals tend to get a bit attached to their owners and have no interest in sharing affection with new members of the family. Case in point: this MASSIVE Great Dane. You’ve just got to see how this huge doggy reacts to having a young one on his turf!

This hilarious clip starts out with a young woman cradling an ADORABLE little puppy to her chest. She makes some remarks to someone off-camera. “I can pet him, too,” she calmly explains.

But who could she be talking to? Is it a jealous toddler, or even a weary husband? Well, the ensuing barking should lead you to an educated guess . . .

Suddenly, a big (and we mean BIG!) dog appears from the left-hand of the frame, and he has all eyes on his owner. You can just tell that he practically wants to knock that tiny puppy out of her hands and give her a big hug. And though I’m a large dog-lover myself, I must admit that, at first glance, this Great Dane’s size is rather intimidating!

Nevertheless, it’s pretty obvious that the human star of our video is adept at all things “puppy talk.” She knows exactly what her dog is upset about. In that controlled and calm tone, she looks at her Dane and says, “I can pet him, too . . . It’s not all about you.” Wow! She certainly is patient. Caesar Millan would be proud!

Believe it or not, these intimidating-looking dogs are really just big softies! In fact, according to the experts at Vet Street, “The Great Dane is a real family companion,” and is “better suited as a lover, not a fighter.” Who would have thought?

Even more interesting, is that, due to their “calm nature,” this humongous breed is actually known to be a fantastic apartment dog. And though these giants can weigh in at up to 190 pounds, they are known to be gentle around kids.

Vets also say that Danes do well around other pets, “especially if they are raised with them,” which may be the learning curve that this melodramatic dog is currently encountering. Nonetheless, something tells us that he will adapt to that cute puppy in no time.

Watch the clip below to see this entertaining canine encounter for yourself. You’ve got to see how this petite dog owner handles this massive Great Dane. SPOILER ALERT: This big guy might just be mistaking himself for a lap dog!

What did you think of this affectionate doggy? Do you own a dog of this breed? If so, do you have any funny stories to share? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!