Watch This German Shepherd Help His Maltese Friend Escape From Her Kennel!

If you have a dog, then we’d wager a bet that you know all about all of the hijinks that these creatures can get into. Though most guilty dogs get into their treats or have accidents on the bed, others, like our furry subject today, use their smarts to get their pals out of kennel prison. You’ve got to see this smart German Shepherd in action!

The video starts mundanely enough, with a dog owner placing an adorable white Maltese into a cage while her bigger doggie friend looks on.

dog owner closing kennel with German Shepherd next to herTheJulieCaitlin
The owner drapes a towel over the kennel and walks out of the room. Little do the dogs know, the crafty pooch lover has set up a secret camera to record the scene when she leaves.

You see, she had been noticing that the Maltese had somehow been breaking out of its kennel, but she wasn’t sure how. In the video description she writes:

I recorded this to make sure that I wasn’t forgetting to latch Sophie’s kennel after I stuck her in it – I kept noticing her running around with our German Shepherd Twitch soon after I would stick her in it.

As soon as Twitch and Sophie’s owner leaves their sight, Twitch turns around, making sure that his mommy is really gone.

The dog then pulls off the towel with her teeth, and after just a short struggle, manages to open Sophie’s cage, freeing the fluffy little dog.

dog owner closing kennel with German Shepherd next to herTheJulieCaitlin
Next, the two BFFs run off like they have no care in the world!

Twitch and Sophie’s amazed owner goes onto explain how incredible this situation really is:

I was latching it, but Twitch just figured out how to not only open it, but also figured out it was easier if he took the towel off as well.

We’ve got to admit, that dog is pretty impressive! And Sophie is quite lucky to have such a crafty pal by her side every day!

Interestingly enough, Twitch is not the only German Shepherd who has used her brains in cunning ways. PEOPLE reported on a California canine who plotted her escape from a high security animal shelter.

Ginger was actually able to escape through three locked doors! In fact, the Apple Valley facility was so impressed because they had originally suspected a break-in until they looked back at the security footage.

Even small dogs love to get in on the escape action! Another viral video shows a teeny tiny white doggie use her big dog friend as a sort of step stool to help careen herself over a short fence. So hilarious!

Watch the video of Twitch’s great escape below! All jokes aside, this animal is truly intelligent AND full of personality!

Have you ever caught your dog making a break for it? What do you think is the smartest dog breed out there? What is your favorite viral video that features a canine? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!