Free Documentaries Available Online

If you enjoy documentaries you may want to check out The website hosts hundreds of free documentaries, including some you may have heard of, such as “Super Size Me” about the fast food industry and Michael Moore films such as “Bowling for Columbine” and “Sicko”.

How can the website offer these films for free? From their FAQ:

Many documentary film makers realize that having their films streamed on the internet for free will not only educate people on their perspective but will also encourage people to purchase the DVD…

…We follow all copyright laws. We deal with streaming partners who handle all copyright issues. By imbedding films we can not legally be liable for any copyright infringement as stated by the DMCA. If you feel that your film is online without your permission, we will forward you to our streaming partners. When they agree that a copyright infringement has taken place, your film will be removed from our site. (hat tip Wise Bread)