Listen to the Wonderful Harmony of this Unique Duo

When it comes to music, there’s a lot of raw, undiscovered talent out there. It can be found in the hallways of schools, church pulpits, street corners, or your very own shower. Yes, the acoustics are really great in there!

Let’s back up a bit to discuss street talent. Street performers don’t just line the streets and subways of NYC. They’re everywhere, in cities all over the globe. If you’ve never seen one, then you may have a preconceived image of what they’re like. If you have seen one, you too may have an image of what they’re like.

Some of the people who spend time crooning on the street are really unique, many are crazy talented, and others are both. America’s Got Talent is one of those shows that puts a national spotlight on street performers who otherwise wouldn’t get the exposure. One of those unique and talented acts hit the stage to audition for the judges.

What was unique about this team? It was a father-daughter duo who sing together on the street: Maurice and Shanice Hayes from Kansas. In the video below, an 18-year-old Shanice spoke about how she and her father Maurice set up their bucket on the sidewalk and sing. To her, the sidewalk is a stage for both of them to shine.

As she continued to speak, Shanice expressed how her dad is like her best friend, and she spends most of her time with him. You could tell that she possesses a real love for music and her father. How blessed they are to share such a wonderful bond!

Moments before they stepped onto the stage, Maurice encouraged Shanice not to be nervous and also told host Nick Cannon that he had her back. Gotta love this team’s supportive spirit! After the two walked out to introduce themselves to the judges, they began to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Image of young lady singing.Lonnie A
Maurice launched into the duet with the first few lines of Carol King’s verse, belting out the tune with soul. But then this booming voice came seemingly out of nowhere, and it belonged to Shanice. What just happened? Shanice’s sweet speaking voice and appearance could have easily fooled the crowd into thinking she was younger. Where she pulled those deep sounds from is a mystery because she sure didn’t look like her voice.

When Shanice let out those notes, she moved the audience to their feet. It was clear that this girl’s vocal skills were honed with an old school touch. The duo continued to harmonize, drawing the audience in to the point they were clapping and singing along. What street have they been performing on all this time? Buckets and sidewalks just won’t do anymore!

Watch the video below to see the bond between this dynamic duo on and off stage. Their run on the show ended up earning them a spot in the semifinals. What are your thoughts on this special father-duet duet? Have you ever tried a parent-child harmony? Share with us in the comments!