Don’t Miss These Summer Activities

What lasting memories do you have from the summers of your youth? Now that the hustle and bustle of the school year is over, Kate Tietje, a guest contributor over at Simple Mom, reminds us to participate in these summer activities before the arrival of fall.

  1. Visit an ice cream shop: Especially if you have one within walking distance. Summer is the time of year where you really feel like you’ve earned that cold, hand-scooped goodness.
  2. Find an outdoor pool: Don’t these just have a completely different feel than the indoor ones at your gym or a hotel? Let’s just hope this one doesn’t end in a sleepless night due to sunburns (a completely different summer experience).
  3. Commune with nature: Hikes are a great activity to keep everyone moving during summer. All the vegetation is also flourishing, making for a sneaky biology lesson.
  4. Roast marshmallows: The hunt for the perfect roasting stick. The chance to show your skills. Watching the fire dance. Talk about the ultimate nostalgic summer activity.

What are your favorite summer activities that are not to be missed? Head over to Simple Mom to see if it’s on the list of 9 Things Not to Miss This Summer.