Convert Old T-Shirts into Pillows

My mom turned some of my favorite old t-shirts from when I was little (aren’t worn out but didn’t fit me anymore) into pillows. I think she folded the sleeves in and then sewed them up, folded the neck in and sewed that together, stuffed the inside with pillow stuffing, and then folded the bottom in and sewed it together.

I didn’t see her do it so unfortunately I can’t pass along specific instructions but perhaps someone else knows how to do this and can provide others with instructions?

Not only was it great that she found another use for these t-shirts, but since a lot of them had sentimental value, it was a great way for me to still see the shirts on a regular basis. I still have the pillows 20 years later and am really glad she made them for me.

Homepage photo credit: nolaclutterbusters