23 Clever Home Design Ideas for Your Dream Home

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, one thing is for certain: we all have a dream house. You know, that home that you can picture yourself living in one day with its blue shutters, wrap-around porch, and flawless decor? We’ve all got one vision or another of the perfect abode that we’d live in if we won a million dollars.

The operative phrase when it comes all of our dream homes? “One day.” The dream house is something we picture for the future, which makes it seem like an unachievable thing.

Well, here’s a news flash: You can have your dream house right now! All you need are these 23 clever home design ideas to take your humble abode to the next level.

1. Coffee Station

If you want to be the resident brunch host or hostess in your friend group, having a coffee station is an absolute must. We love the rustic take on this station and the blackboard background.

2. Staircase Storage

We love the space-saving trick of stashing your belongings in a staircase, whether it’s in pull-out drawers or shelves, for a very trendy touch.

3. Deck the Ceiling

A way to jazz up your space and make the room appear larger is to deck out your ceiling. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a fabulous wallpaper, this is a quick way to make your home instantly cool.

4. Under-Bed Storage

Pallet day bed with built in shoe storage | TipHero
The space under your bed is prime for storage, no matter what you’re storing. Be it shoes, DVDs, or books, showing off your under-bed storage is the key to allowing this idea to elevate your space.

5. Faux Marble

Is there a classier touch than a marble counter top? I think almost every dream house has a marble surface somewhere. Make your dream a reality with this stick-on marble paper.

6. Re-Vamped Couch Legs

It’s easy to take a couch from cheap to classy — just switch up the legs! Take off the tacky plastic legs and replace them with an elegant, metal variety. Even if the metal is more like “metal” (i.e. not real) it still makes your couch look like it’s worth a million bucks.

7. Golden Drawers

An easy way to turn any average IKEA drawer set into a designer piece of art is simple. Two words: gold foil. All gold DOES glitter, as it turns out.

8. All of the Spray Paint

One of our favorite decor hacks is using spray paint…on everything. Old chairs, lamp shades, lighting fixtures — you name it, spray paint can make it look amazing.

9. Updated Knobs

A true dream home is all in the details. If you have a little quirky streak in you, you’ll go crazy for these updated dino drawer knobs.

10. Fur Details

Is there anything more elegant than fur? You don’t have to be rolling in it to have this luxurious detail in your home right now; IKEA sells white fur rugs that can really transform any room.

11. Create a She (or He) Shed

Sometimes, the most perfect part of home isn’t actually IN your home. One of our design obsessions are “she sheds“; transformed sheds to give you a little private space away from home. Think a “man cave” but completely designed to your personal tastes.

12. Built-In Bunks

Bunks bed probably SEEM childish, but when they’re stylishly built into the wall? They look like a fierce design choice worthy of your dream home. Plus, you can always have friends over to enjoy your amazing house with you!

13. Kitchen Sink Jets

Jets in your kitchen sink? It’s like a hot tub for your dishes. How luxurious!

14. Secret Reading Nook

If you’re a book worm and you say you’ve never imagined a reading nook in your dream house? YOU’RE LYING. Look at this under-stair reading nook! It looks like library heaven.

15. Rooftop Porch

No wrap-around porch? Well, you can always add one on. And for the best view in the (dream) house, put a little porch on your roof.

16. Garbage and Recycling Chutes

Garbage cans? Maybe in your old home. But in your dream home, add in these garbage and recycling chutes, for extra class and less stink.

17. Backyard Tree House

Tree houses aren’t just for kids! A backyard tree house is such a fun place for adults to escape to, as well as the little ones. This is a dream home away from home.

18. Fireplace Seating

There’s nothing cozier than a nice, roaring fireplace. Well, maybe there is! Adding stone seats next to your fireplace is the makings of many amazing nights.

19. Doggie Bed Wall

Rather than give your dog one lousy bed, give them their own room! Use under-the-stair space to give your dog their own private space. It’s not just your dream house, after all!

20. Extra Counter Space

No matter how big or small your kitchen, all of us have wished for more counter space at one time or another. This inventive pull-out hack is a great way to extend space while saving it, too.

21. One Comfy Shower

You think your shower can’t be comfy? Think again. This lounge addition allows you to make every shower a relaxing experience.

22. Floor Vacuum

Yes, there is actually a baseboard vacuum that sucks up all the dirt and dust you sweep into it. Black magic? Maybe. An amazing addition in your dream home? Definitely.

23. Secret Room

This is the king of all home design ideas. Having a secret room, especially one which is accessed by pushing open a bookcase, is just about the coolest thing we’ve ever heard.

What do you think about these home design ideas? How do you picture your dream house? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.