Amazing Cash Back Credit Card Perk You Didn’t Know About


          You know how there are some price protection offers, like with Amazon or certain airlines, where if the price drops after you buy, you can take advantage of the lower price? What if we told you that you can take advantage of this kind of price protection on any purchases ... read more

Stuck with a Late/Overdraw Fee? Here’s How to Get It Waived


                If you’ve ever overdrawn your bank account or gotten hit with a late fee, you know about the sinking feeling that ensues in the pit of your stomach. But if you’re normally not a person to get hit with these kinds of fees, you don’t necessarily have to resign ... read more

7 Tips to Earn More Interest on Your Savings

                by: Ray @ Tip Hero With interest rates so low these days looking at the rates offered on CDs and savings accounts brings tears to my eyes. Still I try and get the very best rate for my savings even if we’re only talking an additional quarter ... read more

10 Dumb Deals People Fall for Everyday


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12 Ways to Make Extra Money


                Given the current economic downturn we could all use a little more cash these days. Here are 12 ways you might be able to earn some extra money and pad your savings. 1. Have a Garage Sale – Sure, people are buying less these days, but more ... read more

Can You Really Get Your Credit Score for Free?


Federal law requires that consumers be given access to their credit reports once per year by each of the major credit reporting agencies. But a credit report is not a credit score — it’s basically a record of your borrowing and repayment history. The Wall Street Journal featured an excellent article by Jane Kim that ... read more

5 Key S.T.E.P.S. for Getting Out of Debt


                There is no cookie-cutter solution for digging oneself out of debt, but if you start by following these general, easy to remember steps, as outlined by My Money, you’ll be on the right track. Take a look: “S” for Stop: stop taking on new debts, paying others ... read more

Where to Buy Cheaper Checks


This tip is courtesy of Tip Hero haverwench                 We recently used up the last of our checks, and the bank wanted to charge us $28.75 for new ones. I did some research and foun d you can buy checks much more cheaply online. Sites include SuperValue Checks ... read more

The Truth About Closing Your Credit Cards


              Dealing with credit cards is a tricky business, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to build good credit without using them. Developing good credit habits is all about know what will impact your credit in a good way, and what will cause it to take a hit. So when it ... read more

The 4th Credit Bureau: The Other Credit Score You Didn’t Know About


                You probably are very familiar with the 3 major credit bureaus that are responsible for your ever-important credit score and report. These bureaus track and report your financial history by payments you make on loans. But did you know that there was a “4th credit bureau” that ... read more