5 No-Cost Redecorating Tips to Try


            If spring cleaning also make you want to redecorate a bit, then try some of these great no-cost ideas from Curbly that incorporate using what’s already available to you. 1. Choose One or Two Unifying Colors Use the picture above as inspiration. If you have a lot of books, ... read more

6 Ways to Save Money and Energy at Home


P. Allen Smith has some great tips to share in light of Earth Day (April 22nd this year; this video was made a couple of years ago, so just ignore what he says about Earth Day being this Sunday). Make these 6 changes in your home and you’ll be on your way to saving money ... read more

How to Clean Almost Anything

These clever ideas from Buzzfeed are sure to make spring cleaning a little less frustrating and time consuming. Oh yeah, and lots of them will save you money too. Air Vents           Just grab a rag, a knife and some 409 and good to go.   Gross Armpit Stains     ... read more

Take a Free Trip to a National Park


If you’re looking for some fun, free and Spring-y to do this weekend, you should probably head down to your local National Park. The U.S. National Park Service with be celebrating National Park Week, a presidentially proclaimed celebration of our natural heritage, starting on April 19th. And as a kickoff to the event, every national ... read more

Surprising Use for Ketchup


Have dingy-looking copper accessories or cookware? Just apply a bit of ketchup in smooth, circular motions using an old rag. Let it sit for a little bit, then wipe off with a wet rag to buff to a nice shine. You can also use this same method to shine up your silverware or brass.

... read more

4 Money-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips


Are you in the middle of spring cleaning efforts? Or have you even started yet? It’s never too late to clean and freshen up your home. And while you’re cleaning, make sure you take care of these to-dos that will also save you money along the way: Get Your Sponges Ready: Those cheap synthetic sponges ... read more

Onion Smell on Hands?


Pour a little liquid fabric softener into your hands and wash them as if it were soap. A few dots of the “Gain In-Wash Booster” work well also. Rinse and re-apply as needed. The fabric softener absorbs into the skin, helping to mask the odor of the onion.

... read more

Tips for Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Cleaning the exterior of the home is often a better option for homeowners than doing massive renovations on the home. While painting the house, making additions, or adding architectural features can make the home look nice, cleaning the outside of the home can restore the former luster of the home with just one service that ... read more

8 Ways That Everyday Stuff Can Help You in the Kitchen

That stuff you’ve got lying around the house could end up making your time in the kitchen a whole lot more enjoyable and organized. Take a look! 1. Curtain rods make for great lid holders 2. Keep painter’s tape and a Sharpie handy so that you can label everything 3. Use a magazine rack to ... read more