How to Make Your Own Garden Sprinkler


Dave Hax is at it again! If you haven’t already got a sprinkler in your possession, then all you need is a water bottle to make your very own in no time. Check out this great hack that your garden with thank you for:

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Surprising Way to Save a Bundle on Moving Costs


from Tip Hero L.D. Meyer I don’t recall where I read this but a guy was moving his family down the east coast to Florida and when he went to rent a U-Haul he found it to be pretty pricy. He noticed they had used trucks for sale there at the U-Haul vendor so he ... read more

How to Deodorize Your Microwave in 30 Seconds


We’ve featured some excellent microwave cleaning tips before, and now we’ve got another one for you. If your microwave has absorbed some less-than-pleasant odors from popcorn, leftovers, and everything else you put in there, just grab some baking soda, water, and a bowl. Here’s how the deodorizing is done: And here are some other techniques ... read more

3 Effective Ways You Can Spend 10 Spare Minutes


                Got 10 minutes to spare? You can make some serious headway with decluttering your home. Check out some excellent advice from Apartment Therapy’s Fay Wolf: Here are some follow up tips to help you out with your 10 minute purges! 21 Creative Uses for Old Books Best ... read more

How to Make Summer Fruit Trays


                        Need a hard surface for drinks and food when you’re dining outside? These whimsical little trays are easy to make out of items found at your local hardware store. Mark Montano shows you how it’s done: Thanks to Instructables for the tutorial!

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Genius DIY Mirror Desk for Small Spaces


              If you struggle to find space for desks or tables, then this is the hack for you. This desk, created by Home Story (a German blog), can be a mirror on your wall when you need more space. But when you need a small table or desk, it ... read more

8 Genius Storage Solutions for Your Home


              Instead of shelling out money for storage containers, why not think creatively and use what you already have? If you’re working tirelessly to organize and declutter your home, it’s well worthwhile to save a little money by checking out some frugal storage solutions. Here are some ideas you ... read more

Keep Wasps Away with a Brown Paper Bag


                Nothing can ruin a cookout or picnic like a bunch of wasps crashing the party. But luckily, thanks to HouseholdHacker, we’ve got a simple solution for keeping wasps at bay. All it takes is a brown paper bag and some newspapers. Take a look:

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Tip Hero’s First Free Ebook: A Guide to Homemade Cleaners

Here it is! Our first ever ebook – and to thank you for your continued contributions and support, we’re offering it to you completely free of charge. In this ebook, you’ll find homemade cleaner recipes for all of your household cleaning needs. Whether you need to clean the bathroom, scrub the carpets or make your ... read more