7 Ways to Clean the Uncleanable

House Cleaning

Are there some cleaning jobs that, after all these years, still have you stumped? Well, for those jobs that seem difficult, here are some tips that might just become invaluable to you. TV Screen: for dusty and dingy TV screens, simply run a coffee filter across the monitor. You can do this with computer screens ... read more

How to Make Your Own Couch Sleeve


If you enjoy having a beverage while relaxing on your couch, but hate having to climb out of your comfy position to reach the coffee table each time you sip, then this hack is for you. We found this nifty little idea over at Home Coming. Check it out! This cute and functional couch sleeve ... read more

5+ Genius DIY Ways to Repurpose Empty Booze Bottles


After you’ve enjoyed a bottle of beer or finished a bottle of wine, don’t throw that bottle away! The there are so many creative things you can do with them. Here are just some ideas to get the wheels turning: 1. Make a Pretty Vase with Washi Tape A little bit of washi tape can ... read more

Buying a New Home? 7 Things to Consider


Are you in the process of searching for your dream home? You might have rented a place for years while you saved money. If you can relate to this scenario, you need to consider 6 things before plunging into a stressful and challenging buyer’s market. 

 Type of Home 

 Before you can successfully buy ... read more

6 Ways to Disinfect Your Cutting Boards


Since your cutting board likely sees all sorts of foods, like raw meats, it should definitely not only be cleaned well, but deodorized and disinfected on a normal basis. There are several easy ways to get the job done. Take a look at some ideas from WonderHowTo:

... read more

Fun Ideas for Repurposing Your Furniture


For most of us, contemplating home decor results in a mild panic attack. Where do we start? What look do we want? How do we put our own personality into it? And do we need to sell a kidney just to pay for it? 

 Well rest assured, because unique home decor is not only ... read more

Easy Trick for Removing Rust Stains


Are some of your tools or cookware plagued by rust that won’t come off? We found this trick that works well for most rust problems, and all it requires is some salt, lemon and elbow grease. Check it out: Recently, I had to clear off a rust stain in a tub after an ill-advised bleach ... read more

Simple Way to Find Reusable Water


from Tip Hero Susan Jacobs If you have an outside air conditioner, and live in a hot climate location, put a bucket underneath the run off spout of the ac. When enough water is accumulated, I use it to water my plants!

... read more

How to Wash Irregularly Shaped Bottles Without a Brush


Whether you need to clean a glass bottle with a really small opening or a weirdly-shaped plastic water bottle, here’s the way to get the job done without a brush! Here’s what you do: Fill your bottle 1/4 of the way with uncooked rice Pour some undiluted white vinegar into the bottle (to the halfway ... read more

5 Foolproof Ways to Save $1,000 This Year


Looking for ways to save money around the house? You’ll probably want to start by analyzing that energy bill. In the following video, home expert Peter Walsh talks about 5 super easy ways to save a significant amount of money on your monthly bills. And best of all, none of these tips involve any kind ... read more