How This Reader Hasn’t Caught a Cold Since the 80′s


from Tip Hero L.D.Meyer On the subject of cold prevention, I’ve always drove truck around this glorious country all my adult life. Well back in the early 80’s I come down with a real high fever and it hung on for several days. So that fall I went and got a flu shot to try ... read more

11 Unexpected Uses for a Plain Bar of Soap


from Tip Hero Richard M UN-STICK ZIPPERS – Rub the dry bar against the teeth of the zipper to lubricate it enough to move. Once the zipper is unstuck, rub the soap up and down against the length of each zipper side, and then zip and unzip a few times to prevent further sticking. LEFTOVERS ... read more

10 Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing


With so much fitness advice out there, it’s hard to know sometimes what to believe. Here are 10 fitness myths that circulate around a lot but are absolutely not true. Take a look! Thanks to Lifehack for the tips!

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9 Easy Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast


Working towards achieving your weight loss goals can be beyond frustrating. But if you take it one step at a time, it can seem less daunting and more possible. Check out some great tricks to incorporate into your daily weight loss regime courtesy of Reader’s Digest: Keep a Food Journal: if you write down what ... read more

7 Incredibly Easy 2-Ingredient Beauty Hacks


                Whether it’s time for an at-home spa day or you just need to replenish some beauty products, you’ll be thrilled with how much you can create with 2 ingredients. Check out some ideas to get the wheels turning: 1. Lipgloss               ... read more

3 Tips for Saving on Dental Expenses


fron Tip Hero krggles               See if your state has a dental school. The work is done by students under the direction and supervision of an experienced licensed dentist instructor. is a state by state directory of low income clinics. You must meet certain income guidelines to qualify. ... read more

Compare Prescription Drug Prices and Save Hundreds


I like to pick up my prescription drugs at Fred Meyer, my local supermarket, because it’s closer to home and I can pick them up while I’m shopping for groceries. The problem was that Costco’s Pharmacy offered better prices than Fred Meyer on some prescription drugs. I asked the pharmacist at Fred Meyer if they ... read more

5 Foods That Shockingly Have More Sugar Than a Doughnut


                  When you’re trying to eat healthier, it may seem smart to pick up a coffee or reach for a Vitamin Water instead of, say, reaching for a Krispy Kreme doughnut. However, when it comes to sugar content, you may be better off with the donut. Take ... read more

What Happens When You Sit for Too Long


                We’ve all heard that sitting for too long isn’t good for us. But did you realize just how negatively your body is affected when you sit for more than 9 hours a day on average? This video has some scary facts, but it’s also got some great ... read more