10 Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing


With so much fitness advice out there, it’s hard to know sometimes what to believe. Here are 10 fitness myths that circulate around a lot but are absolutely not true. Take a look! Thanks to Lifehack for the tips!

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Get Unlimited Reading Material Through “the Netflix for Books”


                While your public library is of course your best resource for free reading material, this new option might be awesome for all of you ebook lovers who fly through books. Amazon has just unveiled Kindle Unlimited, a sort of Netflix for books. Basically, the service gives you ... read more

The Secret to Getting HBO Without Cable and Paying Less


                If you’re looking to let go of the cost of cable but can’t go without your fix of Game of Thrones or other HBO shows, then the Wall Street Journal has some important information to share with you. HBO may not sell access to their streaming service ... read more

6 Frugal Things to Do in July


                With its long, warm days, the possibilities for things to do in July are endless. Check out some things you’ll want to do before the month is over! Make Frozen Treats In July, it’s all about staying cool. Treat yourself to some of these frozen treats on ... read more

7 Ways to Watch Free Movies


                Who says movie night has to be an expensive affair? It actually doesn’t have to cost you a cent. Check out 7 ways that you can watch movies for free and enjoy a lovely evening of entertainment: RedBox Hack: If you have a RedBox rental near you, ... read more

New Way to Keep Your Kids Protected Online


                  If you need a way to monitor and restrict your kids’ online activity, you probably won’t need to look any further than KidsWatch. This great software comes with a free option that can help to stop your kids from viewing inappropriate content and alert you via ... read more

How to Turn your Favorite Shows Into a Workout Game


Do you ever feel guilty when you sit down to binge watch a TV show you’ve been meaning to get to. Well with these workout ideas, you don’t have to feel bad at all. With these guides, you can turn TV time into a productive and fun workout! We’ve provided 7 of Buzzfeed’s suggestions. Check ... read more

Amazon Unveils Ad-Free Music Streaming for Prime Subscribers


              If you’re an Amazon Prime user, then good news! You’ll be benefitting from a new Amazon service without any additional cost. It’s called Amazon Prime Music, and it’s the new ad-free streaming music service with over a million tracks in its database. If you’re already a Prime subscriber, ... read more

Movie Theater Audience Gets Served an Unexpected Lesson


A crowd of people sat down in a cinema in Hong Kong, ready to settle in and enjoy a movie. But first, a preview came on the screen. It featured someone driving a car from the audience’s point of view. Then, when all of their cell phones mysteriously rang, here’s what happened: What do you ... read more