New Way to Keep Your Kids Protected Online


                  If you need a way to monitor and restrict your kids’ online activity, you probably won’t need to look any further than KidsWatch. This great software comes with a free option that can help to stop your kids from viewing inappropriate content and alert you via ... read more

7 Free Workshops for Your Kids This Summer


Trying hard to fill up those summer days with fun things for your kids to do? Well there are plenty of free events that your kids can take advantage of (perhaps while you do a little shopping). Check out 7 free workshops your kids will get excited about: Apple Apple is offering two free camp ... read more

What Pediatricians Are Encouraging Parents to Do Every Day


                We know that it’s important for school children to develop good reading habits, but did you know that the simple act of reading aloud to your child can help build healthy parent-child relationships and stimulate early language development in very young children? Well this week, the American ... read more

What 5 Minutes Inside a Mom’s Head Looks Like


                It’s not easy being a mom. Whether you work full or part time or stay at home, it seems like there’s 5 million things to do on a normal basis to make sure things are taken care of. We came across a great stream of consciousness piece ... read more

Feed a Hungry Child Just by Watching This Kid President Video


As Kid President points out in the video below, summer is AWESOME. But sadly, it’s not awesome for everyone. Did you know that during the school year, 21 million children receive free or reduced-price lunch? So during the summer, those same children have limited or no access to meals. But guess what – you can ... read more

3+ Frugal Ideas for Relaxing With Your Kids at Home


by our friends over at AllFreeKidsCrafts School is almost over, which means that the kids will be home for much longer periods of time. This can get stressful, unless you think of a brilliant idea (or AllFreeKidsCrafts does)… Relax with the kids at home by designating it spa day. I know that it’s rare to ... read more

5 Cheap & Effective Ways to Clean Up After Your Kids


If you’ve got kids, you’ve got messes to clean up. No matter how much you try to prevent spills and stains and other mishaps, they still happen. Let’s face it: You’re not in complete control. You gave that up when the little buggers were born. But fret not! Take a look at these cheap, simple, ... read more

Readin’, Writin’ and Freebies for Kids


Even if you do not teach, check teacher websites, presidential library websites, state agencies and national park websites for free educational coloring sheets, word searches, crossword puzzles and other cool games for a variety of ages and reading levels. Some teacher websites give free content in the hopes that you will buy their other content, ... read more

Child Care Savings


I rented two apartments in the same building, one for me and my two children and another single bedroom unit for whomever I hired as my child care provider. Granted, I did not get any child care tax credits, but my child care costs were cheaper than a day care and the relationship between the ... read more