The Genius Way She Brightened Up Her Dark Hallway

Your home should feel like a special place. I mean, you’re in it most of the time; you wake up there, you go to sleep there, you spend your down time there. It should make you feel safe, happy, and comfortable. That’s what home is, after all! But that’s tough to feel when you’re got dark, creepy parts of your home – we’re not talking about your basement, that doesn’t count. We mean those rooms without overhead lighting or those hallways with no windows for natural light. The ones you’re afraid to walk by? Yeah, those. Light installation is such a pain in the neck, so how are you supposed to fix the, uh, spookier spots of your home?

Well, the writer of Hometalk has figured out a brilliant way to bring some light to a long, dark hallway in her house. It doesn’t involve busting down a wall or going through the harrowing process of putting in overhead lighting. This is a much easier, cheaper, and more effective DIY!

Look at that beautiful hallway! This home owner said this window DIY makes her “smile every time [she] walks by it.” Likewise, guests who walk by this hall only see a window, flooded with natural light and a bright, welcoming hallway.

In reality? They’re seeing a painted window frame hung on the wall, powered by LED lights. Seriously.

Frankly, the before and after of this hallway blew my mind, especially after hearing what a manageable project this was. You don’t have to have an elaborate knowledge of electrical circuits or drywall installation…thank goodness. All you have to do is pick up a few different materials, all of which you can easily find at your local hardware store. (You can even go antiquing for this DIY, and any excuse to go antiquing is a good one.)

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Faux Hallway Window


  • Window frame
  • Glass frosting paint (or spray paint)
  • LED light kit
  • L brackets
  • Drill
  • Screws


  1. First, find the best place to set up your “window.” Unless you’re going for battery powered LED lights, you’ll need to set this up near an outlet that you can plug into.
  2. Once you have your perfect place, paint your window frame with frosted glass window paint. This will prevent nosy guests from trying to peek “outside.”
  3. Glue your LED light strip on the back of your window frame. You can go for any color you want, but white works best to give the illusion of natural light. (Bonus Tip: Switching this up with a red or green light for Halloween would be super spooky!)
  4. Drill your L brackets into your wall. Hang your window frame from these brackets and plug in your LED lights.
  5. Dress up your faux window with a lace valance or a window table with a small plant. This will keep up the illusion and keep things looking natural!

What do you think of this sneaky DIY? Will this help you brighten up a dark hallway in your home? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.