Wait Until You See This Makeup Transformation

When you hear the phrase “birthmark,” what comes to mind? A little Marilyn Monroe dot above your lip? That discolored skin on your forearm that looks like the state of Idaho? These basic images are what our minds might conjure up when we think of the word.

But, although we may imagine these marks on a significantly smaller scale, it is possible to have birthmarks of a more severe nature.

Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (or KTS) is a rare congenital vascular disorder in which a limb may be affected by port wine stains (red-purple birthmarks involving blood vessels), varicose veins, and/or too much bone and soft tissue growth. KTS may cause the affected areas of the body to be larger, longer, and/or warmer than normal.

Joanne, mother of YouTube star and makeup fanatic “clawdeena9,” is one of the thousands of people inflicted with KTS. She has had the red marks across her body for almost her entire life, but it wasn’t until she was in her 40’s that they began to swell.

Now, years later, parts of Joanne’s arms, torso, and face have grown nearly double in size.

We don’t have to tell you that, regardless of any port wine birthmark, Joanne is a beautiful person. She’s lovely inside and out, and kind YouTube comments on her son’s video have supported this inspiring truth. Despite this, Joanne has chosen to use makeup to cover her birthmark.

Some comments disparaged the idea, saying that she “doesn’t need makeup.” While these individuals are no doubt trying to support Joanne to embrace her natural beauty, it’s important to remember that wearing makeup is — for anyone — a personal choice.

Although some people may feel pressured to wear makeup, others do it because they like the way it makes them feel. Makeup can be a wonderful thing; it puts the power of how you want look in your own hands. It’s a commanding feeling.

Choosing to wear no makeup can make you feel like a boss just as easily as choosing to wear a full face can. It simply depends on who you are, what your style is, and your mood that day.

(And that concludes our makeup PSA.)

Joanne’s son, the makeup guru, helps his mom put on a full face of fabulous makeup. She starts with a special foundation called DermaBlend, which is great for anyone looking to cover a birthmark, rosacea, tattoos, or almost any skin markings. She also uses their setting powder before she contours, does her brows, eyes, and lips.

After she’s done, she looks amazing! She pulls off the makeup wonderfully, and the before and after is really extraordinary. Also, can we just say how amazing it is that clawdeena9 is using his YouTube channel to spread the word about KTS and to help his mom feel her most fabulous?

Son of the Year, just saying.

What did you think of this makeup transformation? Do have experience with these amazing DermaBlend products? Make sure to share your comments in the comments section below, and read here to learn more about KTS.