Watch This Girl Show Off Her Amazing Yodeling Skills

Aren’t reality singing competitions the greatest? I just love tuning in every week to see all of the unique and undiscovered talent out there in the world. Today we have a truly awe-inspiring video for you to watch. This young girl has decided to become a singer, and not just any singer— a yodeler.

At the time when this episode of America’s Got Talent aired, Taylor Ware was a cute 11-year-old who had a passion for country music and, more specifically, for yodeling.

When the Tennessee-native runs onto the stage and addresses the judges, her passion for her art is contagious. She is asked by a judge about what she does, and Taylor proudly says, “I sing and yodel.” Though her response garners a few cheers from the audience, it’s clear that most involved are rather dubious about this kid’s off-beat interest.

When prompted, Taylor explains how yodeling became such a big part of her life to the judges. “I taught myself from an instruction book and tape.” The nervous girl goes on to say, “I was seven, and I really liked the sound of it, and I thought I might just try it . . . It was summer, so . . .” Teaching herself a hobby during a summer vacation? What a motivated kid!

The music then starts and Taylor opens her mouth to sing. Everyone, including the judges, can’t believe what comes out.

Taylor Ware singing on stageUnrepentantLibertine
Along with being a fantastic singer, this young gal really can yodel! What an incredible surprise.

Taylor wrap up her tune with an impressive yodeling solo, and everyone in the theatre gives her an immediate standing ovation. We’ve gotta say—this young performer really deserves it!

Afterwards, a flabbergasted David Hasselhoff asks her the question that is on all of our minds: “You learned that all from a tape? And an instruction booklet?”

Piers Morgan also gives the young yodeler his thumbs up. Of Taylor’s performance the judge says, “It was one of the most unusual and great acts I’ve seen. I loved it!”

Judge Brandy doesn’t even have to say anything about the girl’s performance. She just agrees with her peers when all three give Taylor emphatic yeses. It’s obvious that this girl couldn’t be more thrilled about everyone’s positive reaction!

America's Got Talent judges clappingUnrepentantLibertine
The songstress ended up advancing to the very final round of the competition, ultimately taking an impressive fifth-place title. Even ten years later, she is still the one-and-only yodeler to have competed on the show.

Taylor Ware is now a 22-year-old young woman who has had a handful of successes in recent years, even including a foray into acting. She has also shared her singing chops with local audiences in her home state of Tennessee.

Watch this young yodeler wow the America’s Got Talent judges in the video below! We promise, you will want to start singing right along with her.

What do you think of Taylor’s singing skills? Are you a fan of yodeling? If so, how did you first get interested in it? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!