8 Ways That Frugality Is A Lot Like Magic

Magic thrills people, young and old, for numerous reasons. It’s surprising, it challenges what we think we know and see, and opens our eyes to what formerly seemed impossible. Oddly, it sounds a lot like frugality, doesn’t it?

While we all sometimes wish that we could wave a magic wand and solve all of our problems from time to time, frugality can often times act like our magic wand. How many times have you tried out a money-saving tip and thought the results were “magical”? Armed with frugality, you can make your life wondrous and, yes, magical.

Here are some of the examples that I’ve come up with to show how frugality and magic are not so different. Please share any examples you have in the comments section below!

  1. Both Let You Turn One Thing Into Something Else:

    Frugal people are the best at turning trash into treasure. Turning old electronics like broken cell phones, for example, into cold, hard cash may not be as impressive as turning a frog into a prince, but at least the frugal option is more likely to happen. And who else, besides frugal people and magicians, could turn a old jeans into a sophisticated wine bag?

  2. Find Something Where There Was Nothing:

    Much like turning one thing into something else entirely, creating something where there was nothing is a favorite trick of magicians everywhere. Frugal people do this too, believe it or not. That is to say that frugal people can conjure up things for nothing (or free). By scouring places like Craigslist and Freecycle, dumpster diving, using coupons and repurposing, frugal people get something out of nothing all the time. It’s a truly admirable thing, even when not performed on a stage.

  3. They Make You See the World in a Different (Better) Way:

    Watching a real magician at work allows you to see things you never thought were possible:

    The same goes for frugality. The things we can do because of our frugal efforts can cause one to see the world differently. For example, many people would find it hard to believe that you could create amazing gifts out of leftover scraps of fabric or that frugal people are the most likely candidates to become millionaires, but it’s true.

  4. There Are a Lot of Haters and Non-Believers:

    When we were kids, we believed in the magic of beings like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus without question. We’d even be astounded when that crazy uncle pulled a quarter out from behind our ears. However, with age comes a certain loss of that fantastic innocence that made us believe that all things were possible.

    Even though certain magic may not be “real,” believing in magic in some capacity allows us the imagination to believe that anything is possible. And the world is a better place for all when the world is filled with possibilities.

    There are a lot of non-believers when it comes to frugality. I know many people who think it’s impossible to do what the extreme couponers do, but it’s not. There are many people out there who will say they don’t have time for frugality or that the lifestyle is too financially restrictive. We Tip Heroes know that these non-believers are 100% incorrect. Frugality is customizable, so it can work in many different ways for different lifestyles. And far from being restrictive, frugal people are usually the people who are the most financially free. Frugality, like magic, opens up an exciting world of opportunity where nearly anything is possible.

  5. They Both Make People Happy:

    Magicians are experts at creating memorable experiences for their audience and, in turn, make people very happy. Even everyday “magic,” like finding a quarter on the street or an old shirt you thought you’d lost, can increase happiness levels. Then there’s the magic that we watch on film and the magic we read about. I think everyone could agree that occasional magic is necessary to brighten one’s mood.

    The link between frugality and happiness may be even stronger than the link between magic and happiness. There are so many reasons why frugal people are happy people, but I think some of the main reasons are that frugal people explore their creative side, set realistic goals and find joy in the small things in life.

  6. They Give You a Thrill:

    There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing a bit of incredible magic, but the thrill of an especially excellent deal or the feeling you get when you get something for free can come pretty darned close.

  7. They Both Involve Lots of Creativity and Imagination:

    Why are David Copperfield’s shows so amazing? It’s because he thinks outside of the box and surprises the audience with the unexpected. When living a frugal lifestyle, thinking outside of the box is an absolute necessity. How else could you live a high quality life with limited means? For instance, if a frugal person couldn’t afford a new chair, they could figure out a way to take something they don’t use (like an old sweater) and reupholster their pre-existing chairs. Now that’s magical.

  8. They Reduce Stress:

    One widely-accepted remedy for stress is allowing oneself to have fun. Heading out to see a magic show (or live theater of any kind) can be a nice treat. And for those of you who’ve been to some kind of “magic show” recently, you’ll most likely recall how you were able to escape the stresses of real life for a little while.

    Living a frugal lifestyle can help you get rid of a lot of the clutter in your life that causes stress. When you simplify your life and distinguish between wants and needs, you’re one step closer to having your life in order, and therefore one step closer to eliminating unnecessary stress.

2 Major Differences Between Frugality and Magic

So while frugality and magic are similar in a lot of ways, I think it’s important to point out 2 major ways that they are dissimilar. Firstly, though we all sometimes wish we could fly over rush hour traffic or magically expand our homes, we do not all have magical abilities. We all, however, have the ability to be frugal. Secondly, frugality is 100% real and achievable. Unlike the magic of magicians, it has nothing to do with sleight of hand or camera tricks (and that’s not to say that there isn’t real magic in the world, of course, but that’s a discussion for another day). And though many times our frugal efforts can produce results that are “just like magic,” the benefits of frugality are actually much better. They are tangible and available to all.

What are some ways that you think frugality is like magic? Are there any major differences that I didn’t mention? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Thanks for being a Tip Hero!

Photo credit: meddygarnet and Guardian Professional