8 Tasty Variations on Lemonade

There’s nothing like a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. But if you’re sick of the same old lemonade day in and day out this summer, Curbly has some great ideas for you. Check out some delicious and low cost ways to upgrade your lemonade:

  1. Ginger Lemonade: mix up a lemonade that also has some great health benefits.
  2. Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade: this recipe uses 2 summer seasonal favorites to create a delicious blended beverage.
  3. Rosemary-Laced Lemonade Tea: this healthy, herbal infusion is so easy to make and really packs in the flavor.
  4. Lavender and Mint Lemonade: try this interesting flavor combination for a summer treat that’s anything but ordinary.

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