7 Strategies for Negotiating a Pay Raise

Times may still be tough, but that’s no reason to settle when it comes to the pay or position you deserve. If you believe that it’s time you were compensated more for the fantastic job you do every day, take a look at some of these tips from SavvySugar for getting your point effectively across to your boss:

  1. List Your Achievements: be sure to keep a list of all of the things you accomplish on your job. Keep it updated and use it, along with your resume, during performance reviews.
  2. Be Seen: get yourself out there by volunteering for high profile projects and become more involved in the company as a whole in any way that you can.
  3. Emphasize Your Work Performance:

    When asking for a raise, don’t complain about your bills being high or what someone else in the company makes. This is about your on-the-job performance. You earn a raise by making the company money, saving the company money, or doing a task that no one else can do.

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