7 Steps Toward Forming Good Financial Habits

Have you ever tried to form a new financial habit, like packing a lunch each day or practicing better savings habits, but find yourself cheating often? According to Frugal for Life, and many other personal finance sites out there, what you need in place is a plan that you can follow. Take a look at 7 steps that can help you solidify better financial habits:

  1. Decide upon 1 habit that you would like to develop, i.e. setting aside a certain amount of money into savings or working with a budget.
  2. Write your habit down on paper, including 3 main motivators, the obstacles you’ll meet and your specific strategies for overcoming each obstacle.
  3. Commit to your new habit in a public forum. You can choose how you do this, whether you post it on Facebook or announce it at the dinner table.
  4. Keep track of your progress in a journal or calendar.
  5. Continue to hold yourself publicly accountable as you encounter victories and/or setbacks.
  6. When you fail, stop to analyze what went wrong and work the solution into your plan for the future.
  7. Reward yourself for success.

What do you think of Frugal for Life’s steps to success? Do you have a similar system in place for keeping yourself on track? If not, how do you successfully form new financial habits?

Read more about each step over at Frugal for Life’s 7 Steps to Forming Financial Habits.