7 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Trying to get a new full time job, or even just a part-time one for some supplemental income? A well-crafted resume is one key you’ll need to unlock good opportunity. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when putting yours together:

  • A Tacky Email Address: make sure you’re using a professional email address and not a tacky one. Also, if you’re currently working at a job, don’t use your work email address.
  • Resume Gaps:

    Gaps in employment are obviously noticeable, but don’t fret too much about it because it’s almost the norm in this economy. List what you’ve been doing on your time off if the activities are relevant to the position. Here are more ideas on how to fill the resume gaps.

  • Being Vague: make sure to be specific in everything you write so it appears believable:

    “Increased quarter one revenue by nine percent year over year” sounds a lot better than “increased revenue for the company.” A resume is always more compelling if you can back your achievements up with quantitative data.

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