7 Clever Tips for Frequent Fliers!

If you’re a frequent flier, then you know that travel in general can be a bit of a beast. You have to be resigned to giving up most of your creature comforts, which frankly makes most of us more than a bit irritable during the process. Fortunately, we’ve got some super useful facts that will make your next flight as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

  1. Choose a seat in the middle of the plane

    Sure, first class passengers may get all of the amenities, but did you know that they may also suffer from the most motion sickness? It’s true! Passengers tend to feel less queasy during periods of turbulence when sitting in the middle of the plane.

  2. For a luxurious experience, pack a golf ball!

    golf ball massageLife Cheating

    Ever feel like you could use some pampering when you’re 30,000 feet in the air? If so, carry along a golf ball. Simply remove your shoes and roll the ball under the arches of your feet. It may sound silly, but you’ll be impressed at how well the sporting good can relieve your barking dogs.

  3. Free beverages

    It’s pretty well-known that airlines have gotten rid of some of their nicer offerings in recent years, but many flight attendants tend to be generous—when asked politely, of course! If you’re not satisfied with your small soda pour, then you can always request the whole can. In addition to this, many airlines comp alcoholic drinks, especially on international routes.

  4. Request a bereavement fare during your toughest times

    It’s a little known fact, but many airlines offer what is called a “bereavement fare.” If you are in a particularly difficult situation—maybe you have to make a last minute funeral and the ticket price is astronomical—it doesn’t hurt to call and explain your position to the agent. Here’s a helpful list of companies that offer this service.

  5. Travel with a re-fillable water bottle

    filtered water stationA. Streeter | Flickr

    This is a great money-saving option for families with kids, in particular. I know that, when I travel, I sometimes avoid drinking water before my flight or during a layover because it’s so darn expensive! That’s why I started carrying my good old re-fillable water bottle.

    Major airports including Atlanta, Chicago, and Austin have implemented a free filtered water program for all passengers. Most of these stations are located near the restrooms or drinking fountains.

  6. Avoid expensive luggage fees by layering clothing

    We know, this tip may only be for the most advanced penny pinchers out there, but you can’t debate the fact that it’s pretty brilliant! Many airlines are charging upwards of $25 for one checked bag, so if you want to get out of paying this, simply wear your heavier clothes on the flight. It’s not as bad as it sounds—a jacket could double as a pretty comfy pillow!

  7. Purchase a first class ticket at a fraction of the original price

    Air hostess helping a kidAndresr via Deposit Photos

    This tip won’t work all of the time, but, if you’re lucky you may score a first class ticket for a steal. The trick here is to book around 24 hours in advance. If this flight isn’t very full, and does not have premium passengers, then the airline will discount the higher priced seats. With a bit of research, you may just be able to fly in style!

What do you think of these airline hacks? Do you have any frequent flier tips of your own that you’d like to share? What is the best deal that you’ve gotten on a flight, and how did you do it? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!