7 Foods That You Could Be Overpaying For

With an array of “health food” claims and other food label trickery on display at the grocery store, it’s very easy to get ripped off. Take a look at some of the foods that you may be needlessly overpaying for, courtesy of Slashfood:

  1. Organic Onions and Avocados: these are ranked as the most pesticide-free vegetable and fruit respectively, when even they are grown conventionally. In fact, anything that you peel before eating is pretty low in pesticides, and therefore not worth paying for the organically grown version.
  2. 5-Hour Energy: this little bottle has become pretty popular lately. However, the numbers show that the energy drink may not be worth the cost:

    There’s a lot of hype in this bottle, but the only ingredient that provides any significant energy is caffeine, of which there are 135 grams in each bottle. That’s less than you’d find in a14-ounce cup of coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts 14-ounce medium has 164 grams of caffeine). Cost for a cup of coffee: A buck or two. Cost for 5-Hour Energy: Between $3 and $4.

  3. Swordfish: cuts of swordfish can easily cost over $20/lb. However, if the price turns you off from buying swordfish, that’s probably a good thing.

    [The cost] probably has saved your family from slow, steady infusions of poison. Due to abnormally high levels of mercury, the Monterey Bay Aquarium recommends that children and women (who could potentially become pregnant) cut swordfish from their diets entirely. A better seafood option: halibut. It has all the flavor, with 40 percent fewer calories, a much lower cost, and it’s one of the cleanest fish out there.

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