6 Tips for Eating Vegan on the Cheap

Not only can a vegan lifestyle be good for your body – a plant-based diet can also be good for your wallet if you make smart food choices. Here are a few tips from Wise Bread to help you on the way to a cheaper vegan lifestyle:

  1. Select Seeds: nuts are a good way to get protein while following a vegan diet, but you can also opt for seeds like pumpkin, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds. You can use seeds, like sunflower seed kernels to make spreads, seed butter, gluten-free baked goods and more as well.
  2. Stock Up on Beans and Legumes: these pack a “nutritional punch.” Use lentils (which are super cheap) to make things like pilafs, soups and vegan meatloaf. You could also try this easy split pea soup.
  3. Try Toppings: toppings are an easy way to jazz up a meal on the cheap:

    For instance, chopped scallions are one of my favorite soup garnishes for simple broths, tomato bisques, and old-fashioned potato soup. They dress things up, are nutritious, and can be prepared relatively quickly with a chef’s knife and cutting board. Another option for enhancing a meal affordably is to use creative salad add-ins. Bacos – believe it or not – are actually vegan. I love to use them on top of salads, on pizzas and even in tortilla wraps. Homemade croutons are another one of my favorite salad ingredients.

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