6 More Creative Uses for Basil

Basil is one herb that flourishes in the summer. Whether you grow it yourself or buy it cheaply during these months, there are tons of uses for it extending beyond your typical caprese salad or pizza margherita. Take a look at some inventive ideas from YumSugar for this yummy herb:

  1. Drinks: basil is one herb that has a very subtle, earthy quality that’s not at all overpowering. Try adding it to drinks like you would mint. YumSugar suggests adding it to lemonade, bellinis or gimlets.
  2. Sandwiches: try substituting basil for lettuce in your sandwich. This could add great flavor to anything from a turkey and tomato sandwich to a peaches and pancetta sandwich.
  3. Infuse Oil: steep some warm oil with lots of fresh basil leaves for a great, long-lasting pantry staple. You could also try pureeing oil with basil for a quick and flavorful use-now flavoring agent.

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