5 Tips for Traveling With Presents

Do you have to travel to get to the place where you’ll celebrate the holidays? Check out these tips for stress-free travel with the gifts you’ve purchased:

  1. Don’t Wrap Carry-On Gifts: the TSA reserves the right to unwrap wrapped packages. So don’t waste wrapping paper wrapping carry-ons – you might just lose it and have to wrap again.
  2. Improvise the Wrapping Goods: don’t be limited by traditional wrapping paper and gift bags. You can even use newspaper that you grab at the airport. Just bring along tape, ribbon and scissors – those with a cutting edge of less then 4 inches are allowed!
  3. Make Sure It’s Plane Approved: think about gifts you carry on, like perfumes and gels. Make sure they are less than three-ounces in size or you won’t be able to carry it onto the plane.

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