5 Tips for Making Old Clothing Feel New

Even with a wardrobe full of clothing, it can still seem at times like you have nothing to wear. At times like these, you can avoid spending money and conquer the itch to buy new clothes by creatively sprucing up your old ones. Here are some tips (for women specifically) to help you get started from Fabulously Broke:

Belt It

This is one of my favorite fashion tricks. Belting any item of clothing makes it look different. And different belts give different shirts, pants, dresses and skirts different looks. Belts can be super cheap to get and can also easily be made/created from other accessories, like scarves. Play with different colors, widths, styles and placement to find fun ways to spruce up older, tired clothing.

Pin On Brooches and Other Accessories

Pins and brooches can be used creatively on bring clothing to make it fun and interesting. For example, you can take a bunch of pins and brooches and cluster them together on the side of a sweater to quickly create the type of top that’s sold in apparel stores everywhere.

Switch Out the Buttons

If you’re at least proficient with a needle and thread, you can give sweaters a whole new look with cheap new buttons. For instance, you can jazz up a boring, solid-colored sweater with some flashy, sparkly buttons. Just be sure that the new buttons are about the same size as the old ones so that they still fit in the button holes.

Enjoy more fun clothing tips over at Fabulously Broke’s How to make old clothing feel like new again.