5 Money-Saving Phone Calls

Some tips to save money are good for a one-time deal. But what about those savings you can gain on recurring expenses? Looking at the monthly savings can seem small, yet looking at the yearly savings is significant. Dana at Bankrate has five phone calls you should make right now.

  1. Cable and Internet. When your promotional rates expire,
    that next bill could be high enough to hyperventilate over. Give them
    a call and ask if there is another promotion that you qualify for to
    maintain the same package. Or you could examine the service that you
    are currently getting. Are you watching enough of those channels in
    your package? Does your Internet need to be that fast? You might want
    to consider a downgrade on your bundle.
  2. Auto Insurance. If you haven’t combined multiple vehicles
    onto one policy, then do that first. Otherwise, go online or call your
    policy manager and get to work examining all of the discounts they
    offer. Marriages, graduations, good grades, even having airbags can
    offer substantial savings.
  3. See What Your Bank Can Offer. This call might land you more
    credits as well as fewer debits. Your bank might offer a savings or
    checking account that offers a higher annual percentage yield. You
    might also have the option to change to an account that has fewer
    administrative fees. Call your bank and just ask!

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