5 Great Ways to Cut Insurance Costs

While insurance companies continue to fight over customers, discounts and deals are often times easy to find if you do some digging. Here are some of Bankrate’s suggestions for cutting costs on different types of insurance:

  • Go for Discounts on Homeowners Insurance: don’t forget to ask your insurance agent about discounts. There are discounts for groups like professional organizations, some for people over 55 and some for home built to higher codes. Make sure to also check for multiple quotes online.
  • Mix and Match Health Insurance Policies: one size doesn’t always fit all with health insurance. Sometimes, it might be better to get an individual plan for a child instead of putting them on the family plan. In the long run, you may save some money.
  • Term Insurance for Life Insurance: term insurance is one of the cheapest forms for life insurance. You save because you invest the savings on your own instead of in a policy (which is helpful because half of life insurance policies sold are dropped).

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