5 Free Services for Conference Calls

Want to plan a family get together, a night out with friends, or collaborate with colleagues? Setting up a conference call is one great way to get everyone together on the same page. There are a number of services out their to help you set-up your own conference call, some for free. Many of these services call them free but that isn’t entirely accurate. Most of the free conference call services are basically toll services meaning that callers pay their own long distance. I’ve read in comments by users who have used these services that if you have plans with unlimited long distance the calls are essentially free.

The way these services work is you register online and you are given a phone number also known as a bridge number, and a pass code. All the people on the call have to do is enter the phone number and pass code and they are connected to the conference call. Many of these services also offer recordings of your conference call so people who missed the call, or call participants can go back and hear the call again. This service sometimes comes with an extra fee.

I came across a good article that provides a brief overview of five of the largest free conference call services: How To Do Phone Conferencing: 5 Ways To Make Conference Calls …For FREE!

Photo credit: gorbot