35 Insanely Awesome DIY Projects You Can Make with Items from the Dollar Store

Sometimes, when we look around online, it seems like crafting and homemade décor requires a huge budget, with special crafts corners, wrapping paper stations and extra rooms. Even when the projects are small enough to do on the kitchen table, they can require specialized materials or tools that cost a bundle. While we love the masters who can make just about anything, our favorite projects are the ones that ANY of us can do and everybody can afford, and a lot of them have the same thing in common: everything you need for them is at the Dollar Store! What could be more frugal or DIY than THAT?! Read on for our 35 favorite ideas that can all be made with items from the Dollar Store, and add some thrifty, homemade, beautiful fun to your home.

  1. Jewelry Stands

  2. Display your necklaces and earrings in style with these gorgeous stands. All you need to make them are plates, candlesticks, hot glue and spray paint!

  3. Platter Wreath

  4. Holiday decorations spend most of the year in storage, so spending tons of money on them makes even less sense than usual! For Christmas, make a shining wreath out of platters . . .

  5. Ornament Wreath

  6. . . . or ornaments!

  7. Snowman Salt and Pepper Shakers

  8. Continue the holiday spirit in your kitchen with this super-easy and adorable craft.

  9. Frosted Vase Centerpiece

  10. These gorgeous frosted vases are pretty enough to be wedding centerpieces, or to simply add some loveliness to your flower arrangements!

  11. Kitchen Wall Art

  12. You spend most of your waking hours in the kitchen. Shouldn’t it be as adorable as the rest of your home? It can be, and frugally, too!

  13. Crayon Candle

  14. You can also leave out the crayons and make a DIY wax-free candle. Either way, you can find the ingredients at the Dollar Store!

  15. Yarn Lampshade

  16. With just yarn, Elmer’s glue, and an inflatable beach ball, you can make your own fun and colorful lampshades.

  17. Ribbon Organizer

  18. Sometimes the best way to make our homes beautiful is to get them organized! Simple frugal projects can help, like this easy ribbon organizer . . .

  19. Everything Organizers

  20. . . . and these tackle boxes, homework kits, craft supply containers, and other organizational ideas!

  21. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

  22. Can you believe this gorgeous chandelier is made out of plastic bottles?! Your guests will never guess!

  23. Apothecary Jars

  24. Take your bathroom storage beyond basic jars with these lovely DIY jars. You’ll feel like you’re at the spa whenever you use them!

  25. Marble Garden Gazing Stones

  26. Accentuate your flowers and shrubs with these lovely gazing stones. No matter the season, your garden will have some color!

  27. Tiered Kitchen Tools Planters

  28. You can buy planters at the Dollar Store, of course. You can also buy plastic bowls and other kitchen implements to transform into adorable, one-of-a-kind and fanciful planters like these ones!

  29. Toy Treehouse

  30. When it comes to toys, imagination is what’s important, not expense. This adorable treehouse is made with just branches, cutting boards and trinkets.

  31. Grapevine Wreath Chargers

  32. Traditional chargers always add a touch of elegance to dinner, but their mostly-decorative function never seemed worth the considerable expense. These rustic-chic versions made from Dollar Store materials, though? TOTALLY worth it!

  33. Faux Flower Ball Bouquet

  34. Let’s be honest— some people are not meant to care for plants. They can still enjoy blooms, though, with this impossible-to-kill fake flower ball!

  35. Picture Frame Greenhouse Terrarium

  36. And if you DO have a green thumb? Make sure your plants survive in any weather AND add some green to your home with this clever indoor greenhouse.

  37. Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

  38. That’s right. Don’t step on those rubber mats; make interesting, lovely wall art with them instead! Much more frugal than any overpriced wrought-iron piece.

  39. Photo Candle Holder

  40. This project is one of our favorites, and you can get everything you need at the Dollar Store. Let the candlelight shine out through warm memories.

  41. Pool Noodle Garland

  42. Not only is this garland made from a sliced-up pool noodle far more affordable than the fancier pre-made kind, it’s sturdier, too!

  43. Bandana Pillows

  44. Have you ever wondered why decorative pillows are so darn expensive? Put it out of your mind and get one-of-a-kind, colorful comfort by transforming cheap bandanas into pillows.

  45. Pebble Bath Mat

  46. Can’t afford a trip to the spa? You can still pamper your feet with this homemade, massaging pebble bath mat.

  47. Night Stand or End Table

  48. Make your own night stand or end table? It’s possible! Take a closer look— that’s a Dollar Store trash can turned upside-down!

  49. Picture Frame Shadow Box

  50. Combine a utensil tray or bead box with a picture frame for hangable storage! It’s perfect for nail polish, spices, trinkets, or anything else you can imagine.

  51. Upcycled Bud Vases

  52. No matter your personal style, you can DIY a vase to fit it! The options here include acrylic, looking glass, and twine ribbon ones!

  53. Chalkboard Serving Tray

  54. Just a little chalkboard paint turns a simple plastic serving tray into a super-stylish one. It’s perfect for serving cheeses and any other appetizers you might want to label!

  55. Washcloth Travel Kit

  56. You won’t have to worry about TSA regulations with this travel kit you can roll up. Just grab a washcloth from the Dollar Store and stitch it to serve your needs.

  57. Personalized Picture Magnets

  58. Don’t just stick photos up on the refrigerator; use your favorite photos in the magnets themselves! You can make these with accent gems and magnet tape from the Dollar Store.

  59. Swiffer Wipes

  60. What’s a beautiful home worth if you can’t keep it clean? Do so easily AND frugally by turning Dollar Store cloths into DIY Swiffer wipes!

  61. Honeycomb Ring Mirror

  62. You COULD go to a store like Anthropologie and shell out hundreds for a mirror like this one— or you could go to the Dollar Store, round up some compact mirrors, and make it yourself! Easy choice, right?

  63. Multi-plane Rectangular Mirror

  64. Like the general look of the honeycomb mirror but want a different shape or larger segments? Then try THIS multi-plane version inspired by The Pottery Barn.

  65. Colorful Dessert Stands

  66. The guests at your next party will think you’re the hostess with the most-ess, and you’ll know it’s all thanks to some smart DIY magic.

  67. Wood-Grain Laptop Wrap

  68. No, that’s not a wooden laptop! The lovely look is achieved by wrapping your laptop in some dollar-store contact paper, covering up those dents and scratches in the process.

  69. Mirrored Planter Boxes

  70. Surround your plants with reflected light and a touch of glamor with these DIY planters. All you have to do is hot glue some simple mirrors together.

Want even MORE ideas were these came from? Then check out these lists from Huffington Post, Lighter Side Of Real Estate, All You and POPSUGAR. What hidden treasures have YOU found at the Dollar Store? Tell us about your thrifty crafting!