32 Kid-Friendly Things to Make With Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can provide hours and hours of entertainment, especially for the young at heart. The DIY projects featured over at Tip Junkie range from simple gift ideas to entire cardboard cities. Take a peek at some of the most imaginative cardboard projects out there:

  1. Cardboard Mailbox: this project is great for kids who love to play mailman or post office.
  2. iPod Costume: you might want to wait until Halloween to use this idea, but it’s absolutely adorable and looks simple enough to create.
  3. Puppet Theater: this could be the jumping off point for endless hours of free summer entertainment.
  4. Cardboard Bedroom Suite: why not make an entire bedroom set out of cardboard boxes?
  5. Riding Box Cars: little girls and boy alike will love helping out with this project and will most certainly enjoy the finished product.

Find more creative and adorable project ideas over at Tip Junkie’s 32 Things to Make Using a Cardboard Box {diy}.