31 Gifts That Keep on Giving

Wondering what to give the people on your list that have it all? Here are some great gift ideas that keep on giving throughout the year, whether in the form of charitable donations, valuable skills or more.

  1. A Famous Family Recipe: you know the saying about teaching a man to fish rather than catching the fish for him? Well, give the gift of an amazing recipe and attach it to something that will help the recipient make it (i.e. a new pot or cooking utensil).
  2. Not Your Average Greeting Card: send a greeting card from Tree Nex. For every purchase you make, Tree Nex will plant a tree in the forest for your recipient. You’ll even be able to track your tree’s progress online.
  3. A Fresh Herb Keeper: if you know someone who buys herbs in bulk, help them to keep them fresher for longer with a fresh herb keeper.
  4. A Good “How To” Book: this gift could teach the recipient a new skill or two, which could certainly go a long way in the long run.
  5. Netflix Subscriptions: give limitless access to movies by purchasing a Netflix subscription for a movie/TV lover on your list.
  6. Toms Shoes: when you buy a pair of Toms Shoes, they will also donate a pair of shoes to a child in need around the world.

For more creative ideas, head over to Wise Bread’s 31 Great Gifts That Keep on Giving.