3 Epic Ways to Use Watermelon at Your Next Party

Watermelon is a staple for any backyard barbecue or beach-side picnic – it’s a summer favorite! But you don’t just have to slice and serve watermelon the same old boring way. You may not know it, but watermelon has some tricks up its sleeve. Check out the video below to discover three fun, handy ways that you can use and serve watermelon at your next party.

These are watermelon tips you can use all summer long! No word of lie, you’re friends are going to think you’re brilliant.

Our two favorite tricks are below, but make sure you watch the video for a yummy watermelon mix drink recipe at the end!

Oh, watermelon, is there anything you can’t do?


It’s in watermelon’s name…water. So why not freeze up your melon like you would regular water into some fun, flavorful ice cubes!

Take a slab of watermelon, cut away the rind, and cut the flesh of the fruit into ice cube shapes. Let the cubes freeze overnight and then use them for your cocktails and lemonade as a decorative touch!


You can see it in the shape of the melon – it just LOOKS like a DIY punch bowl in the making!

Even out the bottom and cut off the top of the watermelon. Scoop of the insides and there you have it! An adorable punch bowl for summer you whipped up yourself.

For bonus points, puree the insides that you scooped out and turn THAT into a refreshing watermelon punch to serve.

Do you use watermelon in a creative way during the summer? Share your brilliant ideas in the comments section below.