20 Helpful Uses for Magic Erasers

Whether you use the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers or the cheaper generic option, you can check a lot of cleaning to-do’s off of your list with the help of just one eraser.

Here’s a quick tip to get you started:

Cut up one eraser block into four little blocks. It’ll make your purchase last longer, and, it’ll make it easier for you to get into smaller nooks and crannies.

Now check out some great cleaning tips from DIY Life that utilize the magic erasing block:

  1. Refrigerator: use the eraser on those gross pooled drippings in your fridge. It’ll work well at removing mess from surfaces and seals.
  2. Computer: get rid of dirt that has built up on your keyboard, mouse and/or laptop.
  3. Dishes and Glassware: found some great glassware at a thrift store that you need to scrub clean? Try out this advice from the Pyrex Love blog for cleaning off build-up from dishes.
  4. Mirrors and Windows:

    Many fans of eraser blocks swear it gives them a streak-free and clean mirror, if the pad is slightly damp when you give it a light scrub.

  5. Floors: scrub out scuff marks, old paint drips and more with your eraser. Just be sure to go lightly on finished wood floors!

Find more ways that Magic Erasers can help you with your cleaning efforts over at DIY Life’s 20 New Ways to Use Magic Erasers.