18 Ways to Blow a Job Interview

Even though the economy seems to be improving slowly but surely, landing a job is still no easy feat. Since the market is highly competitive, falling prey to easily avoidable interview mistakes is a sure way to make sure someone beats you out of a job.

Here are the most common mistakes reported by hiring managers:

  1. Answering a phone or texting during an interview
  2. Inappropriate interview attire
  3. Appearing disinterested
  4. Appearing arrogant
  5. Speaking negatively about previous (or current) employers
  6. Chewing gum
  7. Not providing specific answers to questions
  8. Not asking good questions

So what are some techniques for helping you land the job? Here is some general advice from Rosemary Haefner of CareerBuilder:

  • Keep it upbeat and positive.
  • Prepare for the interview by researching the company thoroughly. Look at the press room for recent announcements and read the “About US” section to learn about company culture.
  • Refrain from discussing personal issues and focus on professionalism.
  • Practice common interview questions with friends or family members.

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