15 Ways to Eat More Local Food

I have heard a lot about the economical and environmental arguments for eating locally. But sometimes find it a bit overwhelming. This guide made it more ‘digestible’ and fun for me (pun intended): 15 Ways to Eat More Local Food

  1. Cook 1 local meal per week, brings variety to your meals and is less overwhelming than trying to do this for every meal. They recommend some good recipes to try out too.
  2. Shop your local farmer’s market and build your meal from there.
  3. Grow your own, nothing more local than your own back yard or windowsill.
  4. Join a community garden, see if there are nay near you, it’s a good way to get started.
  5. Join a CSA – this is what I did. It’s great, each week you get a box full of fruits and veggies, whatever is freshest at the time. I’ve been introduce to a whole variety of produce so has been a great experience and I support local farmers.
  6. Enjoy good food books – ie The omnivores dilemma, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (loved this book!! all sorts of recipes and stories as one family tries to eat local for an entire year) and the 100 mile diet.
  7. Double your recipes – batch cooking just makes life easier and you cook up what is fresh today and save the rest for later
  8. Have a local bbq
  9. Have others cook for you (my personal favorite, ha)by hosting a potluck and ask everyone to bring a local dish along with a recipe.
  10. Eat local when you eat out. Look for green or locally sourced restaurants, find them online at greenopia.com or yelp.com
  11. Pick your own fruits, berries, great way to spend a day and get some local produce. My CSA hosts pick your own events every saturday.
  12. Freeze more food
  13. Compost – especially if you are growing your own garden.
  14. Donate food – if you’ve got a bountiful garden and cannot possibly eat another tomato donate to friends, schools or shelters
  15. Celebrate Kitchen Garden Day on Aug. 23.