15 Rice Krispies Treat Recipes for Fall


Rice krispies treats are pretty simple to make, but they’re also equally easy to dress up and make appropriate for holidays and seasons. Take a look at some wonderful-looking recipe ideas from Tip Junkie:

  1. Candy Corn Kripsy Treat Pretzel: make this festive treat with Rice Crispy treats, pretzel rods, white chocolate and sprinkles.
  2. Crispy Rice Candy Corn Treats: use candy corns to bake up this tasty fall treat.
  3. Peeps Rice Krispies Treat Pops: these treats use peeps to create fall shapes, like ghosts and pumpkins.
  4. Brown Butter Pumpkin Spice Krispie Treats: brown butter pumpkin spice? Yum! The final product comes out looking like a cute, jack-o-lantern cookie.
  5. Halloween Oreo Caramel Rice Krispies Treats: you do not want to miss out on this heavenly, ooey gooey treat.

Find more yummy treats over at 15 Fall Rice Krispies Treats.


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