13 Things That You Can Get for Free


Many of the things you pay for without thinking about you don’t have to. Check out just a few of the amazing things that you can get for free:


Reading Material for Your e-Reader

Investing in a new e-reader doesn’t mean that you have to buy all of your books from now on. There are many ways to get electronic books for free. According to the American Library Association, you an get access to e-books at more than 2/3 of public libraries. You can also download the classic for free from sites like Gutenberg.org and openlibrary.org. You can also search for “free books” on Barnes & Noble’s site or search $0.00 at Amazon or iTunes.

Looking for new books by independent writers? Check out Free-eBooks.net for free offers.

Back Up Your Data

Instead of spending $100 or more on an external hard drive, just take advantage of accounts on storage sites that allow you a certain amount of free storage.

[…] open accounts on a few of them and cobble together a completely free system. The disadvantage is that your data are spread out, but you can download a free app from Otixo.com to help manage it all.

Here are some of the sites you could take advantage of:

  • Google Drive: 5GB of free space; best for storage and editing documents
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: 5GB of free space; best for storing music (play your stored music on any device with Amazon Cloud Player)
  • Dropbox: 2GB of free space; best for storing photos (site has a viewer to help you share albums)
  • Microsoft SkyDrive: 7GB of free space; best for storing Microsoft Office projects
  • SugarSync: 5GB of free space; best for storing documents when you’re collaborating with others

Take Free Classes

Learning a new skill doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Want to pick up a new language? Head over to the BBC’s website and take a free 12-week language course in French, Spanish or Italian. Want to take some college-style courses? Go on over to Coursera. What about yoga? Head down to your local Lululemon to check out their free weekly sessions.

Find many more free things to take advantage of at CNN Money’s Get it for free!



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