12 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2011

Normally, we hear about things getting more expensive over time (i.e. gas, clothing and groceries). However, in the fast-paced world of electronics, the demand for new models can make prices for the older (but still new) models drop significantly in a lot of cases. Take a look at some of the items that should cost less in 2011:

  1. Blu-Ray Players:

    2009 Lowest – $76
    2011 Prediction – $39

    These will probably be bundled as extras with TVs, but will also be featured as doorbusters like crockpots.

  2. Kindle eBook reader:

    2009 Lowest – $259
    2011 Prediction – $99

    You’ll find low prices for older models while newer ones start to come out.

  3. Wii System Bundles:

    2009 Lowest – $170
    2011 Prediction – $99

    Wii competitors will start to force Wii to lower their prices even more throughout the year.

  4. iPhone 3GS:

    2009 Lowest – $199
    2011 Prediction – $49

    Take advantage of this low price now while you can. According to Deal News, prices are likely to drop for other models, but the 3GS may not be on sale new for much longer.

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