10 Tips for Keeping Your Heating Bill Costs Down (Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports recently posted 10 ways to keep your heating bill costs down this winter:

  1. “Lock in your price for natural gas or heating oil.”
  2. “Check for federal tax incentives” and the “cash for clunkers for appliances rebate program.”
  3. Try for a free energy audit — or “hire a reputable firm”.
  4. Check “easy-to-correct problems”, such as “changing or cleaning furnace filters and dusting heat registers or baseboard radiators…”
  5. Consider space heaters and electric blankets.
  6. Check out the “federal government’s pending cash for caulkers program.”
  7. “Keep heated air inside your home and conserve energy.”
  8. “Insulate your attic and minimize the stack effect.”
  9. “Buy an effective programmable thermostat and install it yourself.”
  10. Consider a “tankless water heater or a solar water heater.”

For more details on each of these tips above, including lots of useful links, click the link below.

Weekend Project: Keep your heating costs down this winter

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