10 Pantry Staples for Frugal Meals

There are certain things that we always keep in our pantry. These items save us when we are pressed for ingredients to make meals with. Heather from Want What You Have has come up with a list of her favorite, inexpensive pantry items. These great items come to her aid when she is pressed for time or ingredients.

  1. Rice: you can make several dishes with white, brown and wild rice.
  2. Pasta: everyone loves pasta, it’s filling and it’s quick and easy to prepare.
  3. Canned Tomato Products: toss diced tomatoes in with rice for a side with tacos, mix tomatoes and tomato paste to make spaghetti sauce, or crush tomatoes to make a base for soups. There are endless possibilities!
  4. Canned Tuna: make tuna cakes, tuna burgers, tuna cheddar chowder, and tuna pasta salads.
  5. Eggs: these are not for the pantry, but they are great to have around. Not only are they nutrient dense and high in protein, but they’re a quick and easy staple meal. Make quiche or omelets.
  6. Canned Beans: filling source of fiber that’s quick to prepare and very versatile.
  7. Dried lentils: lentils are filling, hold well in soups, and make a great meat substitute.
  8. Bulgur Wheat: this quick-cooking form of whole wheat can be made into patties or used as a ground beef substitute.
  9. Flour Tortillas: use for tacos, enchiladas, sandwiches, wraps and burritos.
  10. Stove Top Stuffing Mix: great as a side, but also coats or tops oven friend chicken, meatloaves, salmon or tuna patties and casseroles.

What are some of your favorite pantry items?

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