10 One-Day DIY Home Projects

Home remodeling can be an overwhelming task, but when you can enjoy the results of your efforts in one day with minimal effort and money, motivation can be a bit easier to find. If your home needs some sprucing up, there are definitely small ways that you can get started. Take a weekend day (or just a couple of hours in many cases) and try out some of these easy projects that will improve the appearance of your home:

  1. Make No-Sew Curtains: curtains can easily add some style to a room that needs a little flair. You can make no-sew curtains in less than a day. Just snatch up some fabric from a discount fabric store (or make them out of fabric you already have, like old sheets), iron on some hem tape and clip on curtain rings.
  2. Paint Trim: if you don’t have time to paint the walls, painting the trim around your home is a great way to make you home seem cleaner, fresher and more up-to-date. Wise Bread recommends using a bright white semi-gloss paint to brighten up yellowing paint on your trim.
  3. Spray Paint a Light Fixture:

    The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is brimming with old light fixtures just begging for a new finish. Buy an old chandelier or other light fixture for a few bucks, as well as a few cans of spray paint (try a dark brown oil-rubbed bronze finish for a transitional look, or a bright color for a punch of cheer). Wear a mask and apply the spray paint evenly in a well-ventilated area. Voila! You’ve got a brand-new light fixture that no one else will have.

    Need some spray painting tips? Head over to CentsationalGirl’s FAQ for spray painting section.

  4. Paint Your Front Door: this is the first thing that greets your guests when they enter your home. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference when it comes to their first impression. Take a day to fill in cracks or dents. Then if the door is in serious need of a paint job, prime the door and then paint with an exterior paint. Use a high-impact color, like red, yellow or turquoise, for the “wow” effect. You can also switch out the door handle if you want to take the project a step further.
  5. Back Bookshelves With Wallpaper: spruce up a boring old bookcase by adding some pretty patterned wallpaper to the back. A bright color will make your books pop and look like new.

For 5 more ideas, head over to Wise Bread’s 10 Home DIY Projects You Can Do in One Day.