10 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Your Own Backyard Fun

If you’d like your kids to spend more time outside during their summer vacation, then it might be time to add some encouragement. Here are some ideas from Apartment Therapy to lure the kids outside.

Sandbox: If heading to the beach often is on your list, this idea may not apply to you. Otherwise check out this tutorial at Better Together to make a sandbox in your own back yard.

Swing: It can be rare to have a yard large enough for an entire jungle gym, but maybe a lone swing is more realistic. Check out one way to make one from an old skateboard at Little Bit Funky.

Play Kitchen: If your child already has a play kitchen, go ahead and move that outside. Or if you’d rather make one that is made for all of the mud pies and weed salads, then check out this tutorial from Garden Mama.

Water Table: This is great for the really young ones. It’s amazing how long they can just empty and refill a pitcher or watch that rubber ducky come to life. The Inspiration Thief has a great idea on how to build a model yourself.

Hammock: Even the busiest little bees take some downtime. Whether it is for naps or reading or plotting out the next game of cops and robbers, a hammock is a great way to catch some rest.

Head over to Apartment Therapy for 10 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Backyard Fun.