10 Household Products You Don’t Need to Buy

Lifehacker thinks that there are some products out there that would be a waste of money to purchase. This is because you most likely already have things around your home that would serve the same purpose. Here are some examples:

Metal Polish

Odds are you have one of the many things that will do the same trick as metal polish. You can clean chrome with baby oil or even some cola. You could make a great brass polish by mixing together some flour, salt and vinegar. You could also simply use a banana peel to shine up your silver after you’re done with your morning banana.


You don’t need to buy products like Febreeze if you have baking soda, charcoal, vinegar or newspaper. All of these are great deodorizers that work just as well as Febreeze in a lot of cases. If you’re looking to de-stink an entire room, Lifehacker recommends throwing some vanilla in the oven to make your place smell like fresh baked cookies.

LCD Cleaners

Instead of buying a fancy screen cleaner, simply use a bit of water on a cloth or a dry coffee filter instead. If you’ve got scratches that you need to take care of, try using a pencil eraser to buff them out.

What are some products that most people buy that you think are a waste of money to purchase?

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