10 Creative Uses for Egg Cartons

Chances are that after all of that holiday baking, you have or will have plenty of leftover egg cartons. Don’t immediately toss these – they could come in handy in ways you may not have thought of. Take a look at some ideas from DIY Life:

  1. Store Small Fragile Tree Ornaments: still need to pack away the ornaments on your tree to put into storage for next year? Utilize the individual compartments of egg cartons. Then, you can stack your cartons on top of one another easily in storage.
  2. Start a Fire: whether you’re camping or starting a cozy fire in the fireplace on a chilly winter evening, an empty egg carton can help get you started. Fill the compartments of the carton with dryer lint, then pour melted wax (from leftover candle pieces) over the lint. Tear sections of the carton off and use as fire starters.
  3. Separate Paint Colors: use egg cartons as paint palates. Once you’ve separated your colors into the compartments, you can use the flat top part as a mixing palate.
  4. Store Golf Balls: keep your golf balls together, but easily sort them by brand in an egg carton.

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